Sunday, 13 November 2011


....the blogging love.
So many, lovely, crafty, inspiring blogs out there isn't there? And being a mama to a teething, two year old means I am awake into the wee small hours when the only peaceful, quiet, relaxing thing to do (with said two year old snuggled up close) is to look for ever more inspiring places. As well as hoping that my favourite bloggers are just about to hit post on their screen and share a little more of their crafting adventures with me........
So I thought I would randomly pick three of my favourite blogs of the moment and share them with you, just in case you haven't seen them before.
First up is Claire who writes Simply...Life and who has recently detailed a very exciting project where she hopes to recreate a much admired store bought dress using all her spinning and knitting skills to end up with the ultimate local, ethical, and beautiful piece of clothing.
Next is a blogger I have mentioned before, Sarah, who writes at Knits and Crosses. Sarah knits and sews beautifully but even more inspiring are her gorgeous handwoven scarfs and other creations. And incredibly, Sarah only acquired her loom this year, yet she weaves as if she has been doing it forever. Check out her lovely yarn and BINLINER clutch bags......amazing!
Third up is Lucy from Lucy in the Sky, who spins, knits, crochets, and includes lots of lovely recipes in her blog too. I would love to be close enough to pop round to Lucy's home, watch her spin, and enjoy one of her delicious cakes or cookies! And if you pop over to Lucy's this week you can join in her wonderful giveaway of a scarf pattern and enough yarn to crochet it. Lovely yarn too, in fact I just used it for my little girlie's hoodie so a little bias going on ;)

So there we are three of my very favourite blogs for you all to spend even more time following. Now wouldn't it be a great idea if you all listed your top three crafty blogs to help me the rest of us while away those sleepless late nights?



Inthesky said...

Thanks Becks for your very kind comments, I would love you to pop round too :) x

Claire said...

Gosh, I feel very honoured! I must admit to being rather excited about the spinning/ knitting project, but also a little nervous that it could all go horribly wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Crikey....I feel honoured to be in such exalted company :) Thanks for your lovely comment!
By the way I need to live next to door to the lot of you :)