Thursday, 24 November 2011

Never wasted..

You know how sometimes you see something and it just brings back lovely memories? Well I spotted some lovely, yarn on Ebay and kept watching and watching, determined that I didn't want it, I just liked to look at it. And as the hours ticked down I tried hard not to bid, really I did. But right at the final seconds I gave in and tapped in my bid. With baited breath I watched the sale end, and yay, you know it, I won! A week later a package arrived. I carefully cut it open and inside was my lovely bundle of yarn.
Want a peek?

Such pretty, cutesy colours, reminders of knitting with Nan many years ago. This yarn is long, long discontinued, Marriner's Heritage 3ply pure wool, full of  vintage loveliness. And included in the parcel was a beginning, started by someone else, at some time gone by, and no longer wanted. I wonder what the story is behind this unfinished project? The stitches are so delicate, the colours, so bright, the pattern so pretty, I wonder why it was never continued? 

Idea's for this yarn whilst awaiting it's delivery ran through my mind, all being brushed aside now on sight of that little piece of knitting. Should I take the design and use it for a pretty cushion, or perhaps a scarf. Or maybe I should carry on that project, the size looks about right for a jumper for the girlie. And before you start wondering how I could get far with that little selection of yarn then let me show you, it wasn't just that tiny selection. Oh no, it was all of this:

13 misty blue, 5 coral rose and 4 leaf green.
Oooh what a lucky yarn lover was I?
And if you were watching this yarn, bidding on it even, then oops, sorry, but hey at least you know you weren't alone in appreciating it's prettiness ;)

So what would you do with this lovely, old, possibly never found again yarn? 
Idea's on a postcard :)


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Inthesky said...

What a lucky find. I love the wip and if you could finish it for your daughter it would be so pretty :)

lily said...

Oh my.......that yarn is gorgeous, I'd have to look at it and pet it for a long while before I could decide what to knit with it.......well done on winning the bid. x

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a great find and the colours of the yarn are gorgeous (and I don't normally like pastels!!). I love the WIP too....perhaps you could adapt it and add your own pattern to it?