Thursday, 17 November 2011


A look back today at how I came to love yarning crafts.

My paternal Grandmother, my Nan, Marian Culshaw nee Churchill. The lady who gave me a safe haven through a harsh childhood, and with whom, as a young teen, I spent many lovely weekends in knitting companionship in front of a blazing fire. Thank you Nan for your love and for sharing a lifelong passion.

23 years ago,our oldest child being cuddled by her already devoted paternal Grandad. Wrapped in a mama knit cardigan in garter stripes of yellow and white acrylic yarn. Many hours were spent by this 16 year old mama-to-be knitting up item after item of warm cosiness for the firstborn child. 

Our firstborn boy, wrapped in yet more mama knit loveliness, big fluffy hats and bobbly cardigans.

And the fourthborn child,  dressed up in yet more mama made labours of love.

I won't apologise for the poor quality of the photo's, they are old, and re-photographed, I read you shouldn't scan old photo's because of the harsh light? Precious memories all entwined with a wonderful crafting journey.



Inthesky said...

A lovely post, today would have been my wonderful Nana's Birthday. I spent many a happy hour knitting or crocheting with her throughout my childhood and teens. God bless Nanas. :)

Emily@theNest said...

Becks, thank you so much for visiting my blog and your comment: I really enjoyed reading this post, it was sad and nostalgic and full of lovely memories... your knitting and babies are delicious!!!

Devonmama said...

What a beautiful post Becks, so special to have such memories of your lovely handknits on your lovely children! I agree with Inthesky, God bless Nanas xx

Greer said...

Oh, I love that beautiful cardi in the last pic. What a lovely post to read. x

LiteraryLadybug said...

Awwwww! Look at all the yarn love! That is so sweet! Thank you for sharing your memories!

Sarah said...

Lovely, lovely post :)

christinelaennec said...

She looks like such a warm and generous woman. How blessed you are to have had such a Nan.

Jackie said...

I too had a 'Nana' who taught me to knit and embroider. I wuld love to do the same for a grandchild but will have to hope!
Thanks for finding my blog and commenting.