Tuesday, 22 November 2011

And on and on and on and on..........

Scarf knitting!
Seems a good idea in theory, maybe less so in reality, huh?
Finished knitting the hat for Owen, plain and simple, all in red, just like the one he showed me:

Matching gloves, quick and easy and all in red again:

Oh dear, another awful picture. And they aren't really that twisted honest, besides, what's the point in blocking something that's going to be a snug enclosed fit anyway?

And then it's the turn of the scarf. Still wanting all red, and just like a big boys, so double rib it is. 

Hmm, maybe if I'm really good Santa might bring me a decent camera?

44sts, k2, p2 repeat, 4mm needles..............not a lot else to say is there? 
Fun - no. 
Enjoyable - no comment. 
Mindless - too right. 
Ah well, perfect for knitting whilst watching Harvey. 
Oh what a party girl I am :)

And for when the scarf knitting gets too much....I can flit back to the other one, 90cms done, the same left to do. Gah, winter knits....
Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the much quicker, and prettier, winter knit. Pattern being written and hopefully posted by the end of the week.

Enjoy creating everyone.



lily said...

Your boy has great taste, red is my favourite colour, I can sympathise with the mindless plain rib knitting, I have been knitting garter stitch dishcloths for the past few days, for gifting and selling, after casting off the tenth the novelty does seem to have worn off somewhat. xx

Sarah said...

It may be mindless....but it'll look great with the hat and the gloves and I bet your boy will love it all :)

Devonmama said...

The red is a lovely festive colour, knitting the boy's stockings over here in bright red has made me feel all Christmassy (glad to have finished them though!) Hope you enjoy your mindless knitting, I've got some on the go too, sometimes you need some of that ;) xx

Crochet with Raymond said...

I laughed so much at your little summary of the scarf, fun- no etc, hilarious. I am soooooooo impressed at you knitting a ribbed scarf!
All that lovely red, and gloves! wowee, fingers! I'm highly impressed :OD
Have an ace day XXXXX