Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Let the light shine.

After many, many years putting up with the same dusty old dull lampshade it was time for a change. I stripped off the silky purple fabric from the frame and chose a piece of white gauzy fabric leftover from trimming Helens curtains:

Still dull and boring so I added a few lengths of ribbon and ricrac from the scraps box and this is what we have now:

Brighter, cleaner and more in keeping with the newly refurbished on a shoestring room. And I managed not to bleed on it after several stabbings of my finger whilst handsewing the trim!



lily said...

What a lovely makeover, very pretty.

Jem said...

That is so pretty Becks x

missielizzie said...

Wow you must have amazing patience, but so worth it! Looks great x

Jane said...

Great makeover
I've a few lampshades that could do with a new life lol

Sarah said...

I must absolutely do this too - My boy really needs a light shade that is more in keeping with his room - thanks so much for the inspiration.

Have a lovely week xxx