Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A tale of two loves.

I think Mr. Knitty and I are going through a bit of a difficult phase of late. I just seem to have grown bored with him, you see. 34 years we've been together and I have been enticed away by a newcomer - Mr. Crochet. Ah, Mr C. - so new, so exciting, so versatile, and so easygoing, just a hook and some yarn and we're off. And Mr. C comes in all shapes and sizes, from Granny striped blanket to teensy delicate doilies. And both at the same time too.
So I've already given you a peek at the granny blanket and to be honest it's progress has slowed a little so I think an update wouldn't be that interesting right now. But the doily - ah yes, I'm sure you'd like a peek at this?
Well let me tell you, I know it's infatuation with Mr. C as I have even decided that reading a chart isn't that bad, something I avoid at all costs with longterm companion Mr. K. 
This is the chart I am following:

And this is the hook and threads I am using:

1.25mm hooks and crochet cotton thread, so delicate.

And this is how the work is coming along:

Kind of sweet don't you think?
The original pattern is found in a copy of StitchCraft and is worked in all white but I wanted it to be a bit more cheerful and fit in with my bedroom decor so I'm using the pastel colours instead. I'm amazing myself at how I am doing with this, I never ever thought I would be able to crochet something this intricate. 
Sorry Mr. K, I know you've been here for such a long time, and now I haven't even thought of you in weeks. I know you'll stay waiting patiently for me though and we'll get back together soon enough. But for now this woman is enjoying the charms of Mr. C and all the tricks he has waiting to show me.

How about you? Ar you sticking with a familiar craft? Or do you enjoy having your head turned by new pastimes?
Hope you're enjoying whatever you're up to.



Shazronnie said...

I have abandoned Mr K for a torrid affair with a sewing machine. It gives me such speedy pleasure!

Shell said...

I too like to flit between loves ;o)

Joxy said...

Hehehe I'm still in love with Mr C ;-) So not ventured far at all. I got as far as buying a sewing machine but not yet used it. Bit scared of it, truth be told. Knitting fills me with horror, it looks so complicated and I can do everything I want to with Mr C. I have however bought some felting supplies to have a play with.. so we'll see... but I have to say Mr C does have well enthralled, I rarely paint or draw these days..and that use to be a first love. I suppose with Mr C, there's still a lot to learn and have a go at, even after all these years.

Anonymous said...

I am firmly in love with Mr K...but having a bit on the side with a Brother (sewing machine) keeps me perky :)