Sunday, 26 June 2011

Complete bed in a day!

Four years ago we found this in a car boot sale for Sophie:

Well a week or two ago Sophie and Emma brought it round in a real sorry state. The frill was pulled partly off, the pillow had a paint splash and the canopy was torn. Sophie wanted to know if I could make it nice again. So today I set to work and within an hour or two we had this:

So there you go - a complete new bed set in a day. Not bad huh? Now come on, you didn't really think I meant a real bed when you read the title did you?

Other news - no Woolfest visit. If you read the other blog you will know already but unfortunately my plans were scuppered by the beginnings of a virus, which coupled with my hayfever and the sudden change to very humid weather meant that I felt awful yesterday morning and couldn't even get out of bed, never mind do the 100+ mile trip to Cumbria. Oh well, there's always next year. And I did feel a little better this morning so managed a potter round the car boot sale where I found some lovely bargains which I'll share with you all tomorrow.
How about you? Did you manage any crafting this weekend?
See you all tomorrow.



Pippa said...

I'm sorry you missed Woolfest, that must have been a blow. I'm glad you managed to get some bargains from the car boot sale to compensate a bit.

The little bed is very, very pretty. I imagine your girls are delighted to have that all pretty and mended again!!

I managed a little bit of dolly making on Saturday and I think I'll probably end up inside at my sewing table again today as it's a bit hot to be outside today!

Hope you're feeling better now and looking forward to seeing what bits you found at the car boot sale! xxxx

Dawn said...

Hope you feel better soon, a shame to miss woolfest but there's always next year. I didn't realise it was still such a long journey for you, not good when you feel unwell.
No crafting as such, but wool sorting and skirting here! Hot sunshine and warm greasy wool!