Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bits and pieces.

A little spinning practise:

 A lot more needed!

Sewing new trousers for Heather:

Why are all little people's trousers made with such a long bottom, large waist and short legs? Ok I know why - nappies of course. Not great if the little person is small and slender and only just fitting into 12-18 month clothes though and doesn't wear a nappy! Guess Heather is going to have to put up with mama made trousers for a long while yet.....

Pretty hair bobble for Sophie:

 Just some scraps stitched to an old hair bobble, but pink and sparkly is Sophie's thing.

Jumping on the Granny stripe bandwagon:

Hoping I can keep up the momentum and actually finish this BIG blanket!

No yarn buying still but that is sooo going to change next week., six more sleeps till Woolfest and the yarn drought is over.......... So who else is going to be there?



Shell said...

I wish I was going to woolfest, but it's not to be this year :o(

Have fun


Dawn said...

Wish I could but not this year, maybe next year and we can arrange for a few of us to meet up there.

Blanket is looking lovely and bright.

Joxy said...

It will be something I will be seriously looking at doing next year!

And loving the stripe hun! I wondered myself, as I'm not usually a big fan of very large projects...but the striping is fairly addictive, and the granny clusters are mindless, I enjoyed watching a dvd or listening to the radio while I did mine.... ooh and Iplayer Radio.... check out Radio 4 extra if you like sherlock holmes, miss marple and various other screenplays for radio.

Laura said...

Great projects! I really want to see your granny stripe blanket - it looks like something I'd like to crochet.