Friday, 20 August 2010

A WIP no longer!

I started on this about 18 months ago - a pair of chunky cabled socks worked on 2 needles from a pattern in a knitting magazine. Of course I wouldn't normally knit socks on 2 needles but the socks looked really cosy and the pattern was simple enough so I thought I would see how they worked up done in such a different way. I had only managed to work the rib and first repeat before tidying them away and forgetting about them but when I pulled them out yesterday I managed to get the whole of one sock done. This is what it looked like from cuff down to heel shaping:

And this is what it looks like right now:

Yes, I ripped it right back and have put the wool back in the stash. As I worked the heel I began to feel that it wasn't coming quite right and that the foot was going to be rather wide but I carried on knitting. I shortened the length as John is only a size 8 shoe and worked the toe shaping, all the time thinking that this sock appeared to be getting wider and wider as the pattern changed from the tight cables to a stocking stitch toe. And I was proved right when I stitched the seams and completed the sock. It was very wide across the toes, not how it should have been at all. I followed the pattern exactly as I haven't worked socks on 2 needles before and my tension was fine so I am putting it down to a design flaw in the pattern itself. I certainly won't be trying that pattern again!
But the wool will not go to waste - John really liked the colour and warmth and suggested it would make a great scarf for the winter. So the WIP is still a WIP, kind of. Just a completely different one than it started out as........

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{ Emma } said...

It's always a shame when a pattern doesn't work out, but sometimes it's better to cut your losses! And atleast this way you'll get to use the yarn for something you'll actually use instead of letting it go to waste.

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