Friday, 13 August 2010


And this is what I was knitting:

See sock love is still holding me tight.
These were knitted from a pattern in the latest issue of simply knitting magazine but I decided to use stash yarn rather than that specified in the pattern. I have no idea what the yarn is as I found it, label-less, lingering in a basket in the charity shop and it only cost me 50p for what I guess was pretty much an unused 100g ball. It feels like a wool/acrylic mix DK. This picture shows the true colour, photography is not my strong point!

Knitted up on 4mm DPN's so they came along very quickly and actually finished a couple of nights ago but not had the time to photograph them. Super cosy for John in winter and I think I may have to knit up a couple more pairs for myself and Helen. Not yet though as I am thinking of having a little break from knitting and trying to get on with a different UFO.
In fact I might just have a search through the rapidly diminishing pile right now.


lilac73 said...

I can't believe how quickly your UFO list is shrinking! They look rather nice socks, maybe another one to add to my UFO pile!

Shell said...

Wow, I could do with a pair of those. What would you charge? xxx

Dawn said...

Cosy for the Winter :-)

Joxy said...

Ohhh they do look lovely :-)

julie ridley said...

I am loving the socks! My plan was to do lots for thick lovely socks over the summer, to get ready for winter. Instead I started lots of other projects that won't get finished for a few more seasons. :-)