Monday, 9 August 2010

Quick work.

The project started saturday night is half done already. And is looking rather nice and cosy too. Just right for winter. What do you think?

Have you guessed what it is yet? Dawn, you were right about the clue - it is something from the latest issue of simply knitting, although I'm using stash yarn rather than the recommended yarn. The DPN's were another big clue. I am knitting in the round again.
Does this picture give it away?

Or that I know that I am exactly half way through?
Well barring interruptions the other half of the WIP should be finished by tomorrow and so ready to reveal.
See you soon.


Dawn said...

Ooh, another guess would have to be the quick knit socks then - you knit lovely socks, I've never been brave enough to knit them since baby ones (not that good at knitting in the round here).

Love the yarn you're using xx

Laura said...

Socks! Love that blue!

Pippa said...

OOh, cosy socks!! I have never tried knitting socks, they look so complicated, but hand-knitted socks look so comfy warm!