Saturday, 2 May 2009


Yes the parcel was my Getknitted order. Five lovely skeins of scarlet Mirasol T'ika and five of the same yarn but in Fuchsia. Not quite what I expected as I was told Fuchsia was out of stock and so expected Lime and Scarlet but nevermind, it's still lovely and I'm sure I'll think of something to make with it all. Also I had some Regia sock yarn to make another pair of socks for dearest husbands upcoming trip to the TT. So one pair on the needles, and enough yarn now for a further three pairs. Have to hurry though as the trip is only 5 weeks away!

Now is this a bad thing to admit to? When I opened the parcel above I just had to go check what was left in the Mirasol sale and seeing as there was only 2 skeins of both Fuchsia and Scarlet left I thought I might as well have those too. Well no point in leaving them there on their own is there? And I'd hate to not quite have enough and then be unable to find more........ So order placed Thrsday afternoon at 4pm, and look what arrived in the post this morning:

Well best find somewhere to stash this lot away ;-)

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Pippa said...

Oh, I love parcels from Get Knitted!! That looks really lovely yarn!