Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Back to knitting!

Loving learning learning new crochet skills but back to my first craft....knitting!
Made these to go with the soakers further down ready to send to a friend today.
The actual finished piece of knitting looks like this:

But once the shoes are made up and have an added crochet flower (ok I couldn't resist crochet) they now look like this:

Pattern for the basic slipper found in The Debbie Bliss book of baby knits. It's a really simple pattern to follow, just basic garter stitch with a simple increase/decrease/cast on/cast off to create the necessary shaping. Perfect for learner knitters. The crochet flowers were made up as I went along so couldn't tell you know how I did them! Wool used - as for the soakers, James C. Brett 100% Merino.
Oh just noticed, my camera is rubbish! The two pictures look like totally different colours!

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Pippa said...

Those are so pretty, wish they did that pattern in my size!!!