Friday, 20 March 2009

Works in progress.....

Be warned, there are a few!
So to spur myself on into making them I thought I'd list them here.

Number one - a knitted bag from a pattern in simply knitting magazine. Different yarn to the one used in the pattern but this one is so much nicer I think. I really like the way the colours have created stripes and especially how the stripe changes match with the bobbles so each bobble is different. And all by chance. Started - 4 weeks ago. Reason it's hanging around - I had to teach myself to crochet after I realised the finished edging is in double crochet as are the bobbles on the strap! So a crash course in crochet has ensued.

Number 2 - More cabled 2 needle socks for dearest husband. Read further down the blog and you will find a blue pair I knitted not long ago. The pattern needed a few amendments but once it was sorted out I was very pleased with the finished result......apart from one thing, they were pretty BIG socks! So this pair I have gone down a needle size and hope this makes for a better fit for the wearer. Not that the original pair went to waste, my 16 year old daughter has claimed them for bedsocks. Started - last week. Reason they are hanging around - spring season swaps to craft. GP forum members know what I mean ;-)

Number 3 - The latch hook rug. Quite enjoying this. Its very therapeutic as the making is so simple and can be done whilst listening to music, watching the boys play, chatting with olders and so on. Well so can knitting really but this demands a lesser degree of concentration I think. Also the mathematical approach appeals to me, read the chart, transfer the information, make the stitch. Simple. Quite looking forward to having it done though so that I can create the rug I have in my minds eye next. Started - 3 days ago. Reason it's hanging around - well actually it's not, this is the WIP I keep turning to when I sit down.

Number 4 - a stripey top for the new bump. Lovely soft bamboo cotton and easy to make. Started - 10 weeks ago! Reason it's hanging around - maybe because theres no urgency, babe has another 14 weeks ish before she needs clothes. Or maybe the weaving in of the loose strands is putting me off, there are lots of them with this stripe pattern.

Number 5 - patchwork blanket for baby. This is knitted with lots of balls of Sirdar click which were sold as lot ends in the local wool shop for £1 per ball. Too good to resist. It's a "make it up as you go" kind of project so not sure how it will end up. I am getting three squares from each 50g ball and have three balls each of the three colours knitted up already, so I should get 27 squares altogether. I have 4 balls of the final colour, shown unknitted, so will use that for edging and possibly a thin border to join all the squares, although I'm not sure yet. Started - around 4 weeks ago. Reason it's still hanging around - because I take this to work with me and so manage only a square or two on each shift, and I only work two nights a work.

Number 6 - another baby knit. Absolutely gorgeous wool from Mirasol, my favourite yarn brand. Hand dyed merino with an amazing colours. I think this will be a little hoodie but not quite sure yet. Started - 14 weeks ago. Reason it's hanging around - I forgot about it until I found it at the bottom of my yarn drawers yesterday!
I think that's it for now. Although I do have a considerable list of planned makes which I won't bore you with just now ;-)


shell said...

Oh, go on, tell us your list;-)
Fantastic other stuff, loving the colours of the blanket and the stripey top.

Jacqui said...

I am loving that Mirasol yarn. But - have i missed something? 14 weeks until She needs new clothes????

Becks said...

Lol, I'm rubbish at keeping things to myself.haven't you guessed?
Still keeping things neutral until we see for sure ;-)