Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Boot sale bargains.

I keep meaning to make myself a knitting bag but have never got round to it. So this bag, top left, was a definite bargain at the car boot sale on Sunday. After all it would have cost more than the £1 I gave just to buy the materials.
And the other bargain, a rug making kit. Years ago I used to babsit for a lady who made latch hook rugs freehand and I thought she was soooo clever. Been meaning to get hold of one for years but always put it off in favour of other wants, books, wools, etc. So again when I saw this complete kit for sale for only £2 I couldn't resist. Not really my choice of design but for a first time project I couldn't grumble for that price. And it will make a nice rug for baby when she arrives.

Only thing now is finding even more time to do these things ;-)

1 comment:

shell said...

Great bargains - maybe we should campaign for a couple of extra hours in the day, or a free cleaner to do the housework ;-)