Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Simply knitting is simply........

..annoying me at the moment!
Ok I tried a pattern for a pair of baby shoes a few weeks ago. Followed it exactly, even though at one stage I began to think "mmm this doesn't look quite right?" but I carried on. Then it came to the making up and there was no way it was ever going to look like the picture, or even like a baby shoe at all, not unless baby comes with an extra pice of foot growing out to the side! But hey ho, one mistake is not so bad and the magazine itself is great.
Then two weeks ago I started on a lovely bag pattern that was featured in the February issue. It became apparent within the first three rows that there was a mistake in the pattern. The pattern asks to cast on 82 sts and then has a herringbone type pattern worked over this number of sts all the way through. Only problem is every other row is written to work over 84sts! Fairly simple to rectify though and I am over half way through but I would have stressed over it a fair bit if I had been a more intermediate knitter.
And now my third knit from the magazine is a pair of socks from issue 47, the November issue. Started this evening and already it's driving me nuts! It's for a pair of cable knit socks worked in DK over two needles only and I thought they would knit up quickly and be a nice surprise for dear husband. Well yes, I was right, they do knit up quickly, unfortunately my time is taken up more by adapting the pattern so that it actually makes sense!
So thats three attempted patterns and all three with faults. Wondering whether subscribing was such a great idea after all?

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