Thursday, 12 March 2009

The cable socks.

So the pattern is sorted. After I realied that line 2 is actually line 10 and vice versa, and the heel shaping needed a few tweaks to make the pattern make sense, this is what I ended up with. Quite nice don't you think? They feel lovely and warm and so dear husband should be pleased. The wool is 100% merino, I think James Brett, but as it is left over from another project I can't quite recall. Maybe if I was to use the pattern again I would try a wool with a little more elasticity, this sock has a very broad foot so not sure how it will fit? Well anyway, one is done so will start the other later and see what happens. Esy pattern once the mistakes were rectified though, and very quick and easy to knit up, a couple of hours for this sock and should be quicker for it's partner now I know what I'm doing. So anyone wants the pattern, you know what to do ;-)

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Ianto said...

Hey I love this sock! You completed it so quickly too. I admire your skill and patience, I am a knitting amateur and end up throwing it across the room frequently. My husband has given up smoking and taken up knitting - he has made his first sock and is obsessed. Would you let me have this pattern for him please? I'm mabon on Green Parent or
Thanks, Gail