Saturday, 5 March 2011

If a blanket seems too big of a job.........

First up, do you remember this post?
It was such a long time ago wasn't it? So I never did finish crocheting all the squares to create the planned gift. Instead I reached about twelve and then gave up. For a long time! But when I was routing through my knitting cupboard I found the squares again and decided to use them for something else. I hooked up a few more squares so I had 24 in all and then joined them together with DC and some pastel green yarn:

And then I made a very long strap, and some cute little crochet flowers:

Before lining the whole thing:

And ending up with a pretty little crochet shoulder bag:

(Not a very good last photo actually but my battery is about to die so I can't upload another just yet!)

You know I still feel so inordinately pleased with myself each time I create something with the hooks, it took me such a long time to try crochet and every new piece of work feels such an achievement. Knitting just doesn't hold that same finished thrill. I love knitting, but I know it, if you know what I mean? Even if the pattern seems challenging at first I know I will get it and end up with a good finished article. And there's no fear of adapting patterns, or creating my own. Knitting is my comfort zone. But crochet is different. I'm still learning, not far progressing past the basic stitches, but I'm just so excited when the piece is done and is admired by my ever patient and thoughtful husband. I'm pretty sure he isn't that interested in yarn, or hooks, or bags, or the rest of it but he knows me, and he knows how to make me feel.

So back to the bag.
Technical details:
Yarn: Playtime microfibre DK shade PP6. approximately 150g.
Sirdar in pastel green (will edit when I remember the name!) approximately 30g.
Hook size 4.5mm.
4 buttons.
lining fabric approximately 40cms x 70cms.
Pattern: Simply knitting magazine issue 55 June 2009. 

All materials from stash, both proper stash and the scraps bag, even the fabric, which used to be the bathroom roman blind!
The pattern suggests buying bag handles but I am still working from stash and had none suitable so had to crochet some instead. The pattern also stated adding buttons to the centre of each motif but as the yarn I used is so colourful I didn't think adding so many buttons would enhance it any further. The handles were held on with the buttons and stitched right through the lining for strength. The flowers and buttons just helped the bag look tidier and stopped the handles looking like an afterthought.

If you read my other blog you will know I'm cutting down on internet usage hence the long time since the last post. I will be back later though to show you what else I have been making whilst I have been away. 
Going to have a nosey round all your inspirational blogs now and pick up some new ideas for the stashbusting.
Oh one more thing - still no yarn bought this year! See, the willpower of a ........... whatever has good willpower lol.
Happy crafting everyone.



lilac73 said...

That looks great

Shazronnie said...

That's a lovely bag! You are a very neat crocheter I think. My crochet tension is rather erratic I think. Knitting definitely more of a comfort zone thing for me too.

Shell said...

That bag is fantastic xx

Sue said...

Oh it is so pretty and I love the way you used the green yarn to highlight the pattern!

LesleyA said...

Becks that bag is bloody gorgeous. You are such a lovely crocheter. You should sell some, I'd buy one! XX

Louise said...

The bag is lovely, one to be very proud of. I don't knit well and have never tried crochet, but Id like to try.

Joxy said...

Ooooh I love the bag!

can I ask did you hand stitch the lining? I made a bag ages ago but rarely uses cos if stretches out of shape.. so I've decided it needs a lining.. but I've never lined anything in my life!