Wednesday, 9 March 2011

And there's more........

So I said how much I enjoyed working with the Marble Chunky right?
And how I liked the rippled effect for the bag?
And how quickly it knitted up?
So I just had to do some more. But not a bag this time:

Instead I came up with the idea of a big slouchy jumper to keep Heather warm through the spring and into the summer evenings:

Technical details:
Yarn: James C. Brett Marble chunky shade MC14 approximately 200g.
Needles: 6mm straights.
Pattern: as I went along!

I worked a moss stitch hemline for this jumper before changing to the ripple effect pattern as described in the previous post. I then switched to a garter stitch bodice. I worked a slight decrease for the armholes and again for the neckline. The sleeves are fully garter stitch worked from the top down with the final 5 rows being stocking stitch to create a rolled hem. Unfortunately they were a little long and so I have to decide whether to shorten them to give them a better fit now, or leave them long but roll them up to extend the wearing life of the jumper. The neckline was created by picking up stitches and then working 5 rows st. st. to give a rollneck.
See, who needs to pick up loads of stitches and start ribbing away? 

So another make from stash and still a little of the marble chunky left, around 120g. Not sure what to do with this last bit so you've any ideas before it goes back into the cupboard to be forgotten about for several more years.........



lilac73 said...

Looks gorgeous, as does H. I've got some of the purple waiting to be knitted when I finish the toddler socks and presents for others. Could you make a hat out of the remainder?

LesleyA said...

Gorgeous knit, gorgeous girl and so grown up xxx

Shazronnie said...

No ribbing is a good thing imo! I like the sleeves rolled up, looks intentional to me :)
How about some legwarmers or handwarmers with the leftovers ready for Christmas gifts?

Dawn said...

Lovely jumper, and oh what a cute picture too x
Just been catching up with your makes, all looking good, love the bags.

Dawn x