Monday, 11 October 2010

A quick update.

There's not been much crafting going on around here lately. Well not my crafting's anyway. I had one of those fabulous ideas that involved moving around furniture, building shelves etc and in the process DH managed to saw through my thumb virtually down to the bone and partway through the nail. So no fine pincer grip for over a week meant no sewing or felting. And a continuing heavily bandaged thumb means no knitting or crochet.
The wound is healing though. I would say nicely but a dislike of hospitals means that I have cleaned and dressed the wound myself and used tape and tight bandaging rather than stitches so the result is a rather oddly shaped bulging thumb. But I'm down to just protective plasters now so I'm sure it will all be fine very soon, and I'm not so fussed how it looks, as long as it works........
I managed to complete a few rows of a top for Heather last night so hopefully back with some crafty catch ups soon.



Daisie said...

Ouch! Hope you are soon better and knitting and hooking away when the winter nights arrive! xxx

Valerie said...

Oh no, that sounds terrible. For some reason I thought you were a nurse, but maybe not if you have a fear of hospitals lol.
I hope you feel better soon.

Joxy said...

LOL Valerie, my parents were both nurses and avoided doctors and hospitals like the plague. I think it is a common reaction among those who work in the medical profession :-)

***grimace*** Gosh that sounds painful, Becks. A little stomach churning too...***shudder**** glad you're healing well though and soon will be crafting once again :-)

Florrie said...

You are a braver person than I am.......the sight of blood, especially my own, makes me feel sick and lightheaded.......I know I wouldn't have been able to deal with it myself.
Bit of a pain not being able to do any crafting though, hope it heals soon.
florrie x

Laura said...

How horrible! I hope your hand heals quickly - it's hard for a mom of many to be out of commission, even if it's only for certain things!