Saturday, 18 September 2010

Autumn knits.

This week the weather has turned decidedly autumnal and the woolies are coming out of storage. But I'm getting prepared early this time and getting the needles clicking on the warm, cosy jumpers. This is the latest woolie to be finished:

Started on Tuesday evening, quickly knitted up in Wendy Chameleon chunky wool/acrylic mix shade 522. The wool was on special at Hobbycraft (I think it was £1.49 a ball) so I picked up a pattern too which was also in the offers section. The pattern is no. 5380 and specified 6 balls in Cain's size. However I ended up not having enough despite buying an extra ball AND working to the correct tension. Usually I don't bother with the tension as I am far too impatient but this time I wanted to make sure the shortage wasn't down to my error ;-) so I measured up.

I thought there would be a problem after knitting the back so moved onto the arms next whilst I formulated a rescue plan just in case. By the time I started on the front I knew I needed to put the plan into action and so rifled through my stash looking for co-ordinating yarns. Luckily I found an odd ball of Twilley's Freedom in dark green and so I added a band of this just above the ribbing. The rescue plan worked and I had just enough yarn to finish the project:

I am thinking that the stripe still looks added in rather than part of the design so am considering different embellishments to bring it all together. I'll be back - as someone once said ;-)


Pippa said...

Aw, he looks so cosy in that new jumper!! How frustrating to run out of wool when you'd planned so carefully! Maybe you could embroider some simple motifs on that band, is it called Swiss darning, something like that. There's nothing nicer than a cosy, hand-knitted jumper for the Winter.

Laura said...

I don't think it looks added - until you pointed out what you'd done, I had no idea that you'd run out of yarn. I think it's a fantastic fix!