Sunday, 7 March 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

I have been very busy lately just living life. More HE groups, more cleaning, more carrying around an unseparable baby, more helping grown children with their pressing problems. But I have had a few moments for crafting, although rarely. I have been working away on my season swap. Part one is complete, part two is 75% there. And time allowing I have a part 3 shouting out from the back of my creative mind. But no peeking yet. Only another week to go and then it's in the psot ready for the big reveal on March 20th.
I can show you a little something I have been working on though. A half cross stitch country cottage that has been on my WIP list for many, many months. Well it's all done now and fully framed, hanging on the living room wall. Apologies for the poor photo but it was the only way I could avoid the camera glare. As you can see photography is definitely NOT one of my skills!

I dream of living in a sweet little cottage like this with roses tumbling around the doors but in practicality it's a silly dream. All those spiders in the thatching? Tiny little rooms? And where to fit all the beds, chairs, and belongings of a big family like ours? And never mind all my wools, threads, fabrics and so on.
Oh, I have a confession to make. I cheated. I went to this fantastic shop for some embroidery supplies and couldn't resist a cuddly balls of Rico Pompom, to knit a rug for the bathroom. But only two balls, so I didn't stray too much. And we really need a bath rug..........

And isn't it lovely to throw open the windows at last and welcome in spring? And plan all those new things we can make to brighten up our homes and lift us out of this long winter hibernation.

Happy crafting everyone.


lilac73 said...

A little treat when you've done so much of your WIP list is surely justified!

Pippa said...

I've often wondered what you'd knit with that wool, but you're right, it'd be perfect for a bath rug! I've also looked at pictures of thatched cottages and imagined all the bug-life under the straw, I try to be brave, but spiders still make me go all squeaky!! The picture is lovely though, it's nice to dream!