Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Something to keep little Miss's feet warm - crochet bootee/socks.
I found an old crochet book in the charity shop sometime last year and it is full of great patterns. The book was printed in the early 1980's but the patterns are so adaptable, all that is needed is different yarns and colourways. I think these bootees are really cute and can't be aged - don't you?

Technical details:
Worked in DC on a 4mm hook. The yarn is the same Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino as used for the hat a little further down. This yarn is so lovely and although a little more expensive than some of it's equivalents, it really is worth the extra, supersoft and some gorgeous colours. I think there may be a few more hats and bootees to follow over the months with some other shades of this yarn.
Crochet is going on hold for a little while now, I really nust finish the cable socks for john. And I have a little sweater for Miss just started on the knitting needles. And of course the last few things on the started list. And then I can break my self imposed ban on yarn buying ;-)


lilac73 said...

They're lovely, hope you can break your ban by the time you go to the craft show ;)

Carolyn said...

Ooh they are lovely!! I fancy a pair myself, but not managed to get into crochet! :-(

Laura said...

They are adorable! I really must learn more crochet stitches - it would be nice to crochet something other than granny squares.