Wednesday, 17 February 2010

And a hat for John.

This was supposed to have been his valentine's gift from me, but given as I didn't actually start it until Valentine's night then there was no chance really. This was one of those knits that starts off really slowly and then becomes unputdownable. In the sense that I wanted it over and done with quickly so that I could get back to other things. Its worked in double rib using a thinner pure merino DK by Stylecraft and with a cast on off 170sts, so you can see why it seemed to grow so slowly. Started sunday night, picked up every time I sat down throughout monday, again on tuesday and then finished off at 6am this morning after both Heather and Cain decided 4am was a great time to start the day!

Excuse the poor photo but John was doing one of his "pull a face for the camera" poses and this was the only decent shot I could get. The rest made him look more like a thug or psychopath!
So now I'm back to the cabled chunky socks that I started whilst pregnant which hopefully shouldn't take too long. Well not so long as they have so far!
Actually finding it quite cleansing to work my way through unfinished projects and promised makes in this way, although I still have a fairly long list to get on with. But the more I make a dent in my stash the more I look forward to replenishing at the Aintree stitch and craft fair in April.

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