Sunday, 14 February 2010


OK, my brain isn't up to imaginative titles right now ;-)
This is the finished blanket/rug for Heather:

Again a very simple knit, nothing too taxing for the one brain cell that still hangs around in my dusty head. Three strips of knitting on 4mm needles in alternating blocks of colour, then joined together to give the effect of an 18 patch piece. Stitches picked up along the sides first and 12 rows of garter stitched worked to create a border. The same then done along the top and bottom. Then a few scraps used to crochet the little flower embellishment. The wool used was Paton's colour 4 me baby DK in shades 4967, 4987 and 4986, the last two of which appear to have been discontinued which is probably why they were a bargain when I got them. Altogether I used 2 balls of the red, 2 of the peachy pink, and 3 of the dusky pink.
All I need to do now is block it into shape and then attach the fabric I am going to cover the reverse with, just to tidy up any straggly threads and hide the colour change rows. Then it will be all ready for using in the car, or for sitting on when we venture out.

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Shazronnie said...

I love the colours!