Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Not a present present post

This is so very late isn't it? A Christmas present post! I never did share did I?
You know that all presents given with love are just so wonderful right?So I really didn't mind that no-one picked up on the heavy, heavy hints I left. Yo know - webpages left open on Knit Pro interchangeable sets, a lovely blanket kit from an online store, yeah, you all did the same ;)
But the gifts I did receive were pretty much there.
This came from Helen:

Available here (or Amazon if you don't mind all the tax stuff!)

The commemorative edition too so lots of colour photos - lovely. Guess what I'm hoping February's project will be......

This came from Emma:
Available here

I was clicking through the John Lewis website and mentioned to Helen that it was cute and wouldn't you know it, there it sat on Christmas morning. Really really planning on using this gift and creating a lovely banner for on the mantel wall.

This came from my man himself:

Hmm, did I ever mention my husband also share my OCD type personality traits. Only his manifests itself in the need to obsessively collect things of a type. So it seems he thinks he needs to buy every spinning wheel he sees. He has no idea what he's buying but does have an ultimately trusting personality, hence this wheel DOES spin wool......! Me,well I've not even had a proper look at it yet. Still longing to get to grips with Wee Peggy upstairs when I can loosen the elastic that connects the littlest girlie to me.

Did you all remember to share your crafty gifts?



Anonymous said...

Oooh that is a nice cache of pressies..I am particularly impressed with the spinning wheel x x

Dawn said...

Will be interested to see if you can get the wheel working. Wouldn't like to dampen the excitement, but I'm not too sure it's a working wheel. Your Wee Peggy however would be a lot easier to get spinning ;-)
Love your gifts, I have some of Zimmermans books, love the way she writes so matter-of-factly.

Dawn said...

A real coincidence here - there is a wheel for sale on the spinners group on ravelry - and I looked and thought that looks exactly like your new one.
So maybe my thoughts were wrong, as they say it can spin, needs tweaking and probably not best for a beginner.

Just thought I'd share my discovery! Hope you get a chance to have a go on it soon.