Friday, 25 January 2013

Bringing coals to Newcastle

Or in this case - this to mama:

Knit & stitch weekly collection part one - 99p, part two - 2.50
Helen went shopping a couple of days ago and brought me a present home. Well it was to do with knitting and it had wool! Thats what she said. So I loved it for the fact she bought it but what to do with? Hmmm.....
Well there's a couple of ok patterns 

Helen likes this....I don't!

Would really like to knit John a squishy, warm dog walking jumper (or sweater/pullover depending where you're reading from...)
Cute top, not so sure about the poppered legs- much easier to just pull on and off surely?
Ooh a scarf, a beginners nightmare surely, yards and yards of the same stitch, ESPECIALLY moss(seed) stitch...eek, no thanks!
Ever so slightly scary, maybe good for a very young beginner and the aawwww factor?
See, who needs Ravelry?

The not-so-soft yarn may come in handy for something, and of course I could always do with more hooks and needles.......

And no - not one person picked up the heavy hints at a Knit Pro interchangeable box set over the gifting season :( Oh well, they'll know for my birthday..... :)
To anyone thinking of buying this weekly collection - stop right now. Get yourself a pair of 4mm needles from the local yarn shop, choose a couple of balls of stylecraft or similar DK and go sit in front of youtube for a while. Just search "learn to knit", you'll find exactly the same as on the DVD that accompanied the first issue of this collection. And save yourself 4.50 per week after the initial purchase of yarn and needles! (Did you spot I lost the pound symbol again....?)

Oh and if you're here for the January knitting  update.....the socks are boring progressing. Almost to the heel on the first sock, think I'm going to work two at a time in future. Not sure I want to do this all over again....

Toodle pip everyone, off to do a couple of rows whilst the littlies are playing/eating/snoozing.


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Sarah said...

I had a non-knitting friend fork out for that mag and when I had a look at it I was horrified too. Surely if you're a new knitter, the last thing you would want to knit is moss stitch scarf..and yeah, that teddy is horrible!
I am glad I am not the only person with a large selection of needles..
Glad to have you back in blogland - now get on with those socks while you have some quiet time x x