Sunday, 31 July 2011

For myself.

The reason I wanted to learn this art - those crochet doilies so loved by an almost lost generation.
So feeling confident enough to give it a go I armed myself with  a teensy 1.25mm hook, a ball of barely there cotton thread and a 1977 copy of Stitchcraft magazine.
It started well enough, round and round with basic double crochet stitches and a round of picots:

And then it got to the lacy design, still manageable but needing lot's of quiet and concentration:

And then the lacy pattern got, well, lacier! Twice I pulled back a whole round destroying almost an hour of work each time, but determined to get it just right. And finally, I finished. 

An error still there but hardly noticeable (ok, I know you will spot it)  and overall I am completely enamoured with my first ever handmade lace doily. Maybe a little more blocking is needed as the petals to the left are a little skewhiff, but I just couldn't wait to see it in it's long dreamed of place on the cupboard at the bedside. Ignoring that dearest one held up two at the car boot sale today  for the princely sum of 20p each (not handmade from the quick glance I gave fortunately, imagine having all that time and effort priced at 20 pence!!)  and preparing to start all over again on it's partner for my bedside cupboard.
A wonderfully enjoyable make, despite the many hours (22 rounds and each round from number 10 onwards taking up to an hour), the mistakes and ripping back, the blister on my middle finger, and the poor half knitted socks looking longingly towards me everytime I chose my crochet bag instead. At last, I did it, the one thing I knew crochet held the crown over knitting for - the humble lace doily!
And yes, I know I could have knitted just as pretty of a doily in far less time, I have done in the past. But this was a test of commitment and dreams, and I did it.
Next up - an easy finish. I finally cast on the second sock of this pair.
Now to go see what you've all been up to, and to see if Blogger will let me comment at last!



Anonymous said...

Wow, your doily is absolutely stunning! I would love to be able to make something like that :)
Can't wait to see it's partner x x x

Inthesky said...

Well done no wonder you feel proud of yourself, it is very pretty :)

Daisie said...

Beautiful! x

Making It Vintage said...

It's so delicate and beautiful, you must have infinate patience, well done you, to keep going and not give up..........a work of art.

lily x

Pippa said...

That is such a skill to have. I'd be pretty pleased with myself if I'd made that. I didn't notice the mistake either, it just looks beautiful and delicate and how proper lace should be. xxxxx

Joxy said...

Lovely, I haven't done any lacework for ages. If you get the opportunity, look at Irish lace, it's beautiful, utterly beautiful.

Seriously block the dollie again, and perhaps water down some fabric stiffener to give it a bit more shape to the chain sections, and then it will keep the pattern much better nad look even more lovely than it does now :-)

Shell said...

Fabulous, you should be really really proud. xxx

Sue said...

It is so pretty. I didnt notice a mistake either. I wish I could create special doilies like that but my crochet skills are very basic and half the time I forget what the actual stitch is that I have to do.

Liz said...

No mistake noticed here I think it looks beautiful and so delicate.

La MaƱosa said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I was so excited to visit your blog and see this beautiful blue doily! You do lovely thread work. I love doing thread crochet. What brand of thread do you like to use?

Mary E.Dadds said...

I saw no mistakes.And I looked hard!
Beautiful!Now think of how good and fast you will get if you keep making these.