Sunday, 8 November 2009

Silly mum!

Sunday mornings.
Usually it's the car boot sale, the park, the shop and occasionally a trip to Abakhan or some such place.
This morning it was too wet and windy for the first two so we just went to the supermarket. Then this conversation:
John: Where to now then?
Owen: Mmmm, the making shop?
Me: The making shop?
Owen: Yes, the making shop!
Me: What for?
Owen: Wool of course, silly mum!

Maybe I should wean myself away from the making shops for a while. And the online ones too!


lilac73 said... his name for them

shell said...


Pippa said...

From out of the mouthes of babes!! If a child says you need more wool, I think you need more wool!!