Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mitts and bits for christmas.

So I'm cracking on with the christmas list now. Finally got around to knitting the mittens to go with Sophie's hat and scarf:

Knitted on two needles so very quick and easy, the pair completed in one evening. I'm thinking of maybe appliqueing a little something on them just to pretty them up a little more. Emma likes very girly things for Sophie! The scarf is knitted in stocking stitch and so the sides curl inwards. To combat this it is going to be lined in some lovely pink cotton fabric and I might use the leftovers for the appliqueing. But no definite decision yet as sewing really is not my strongpoint.

And another pair of mittens, only not quite so easy and definitely more time consuming:

I've knitted these for Owen and his love of all things Thomas. The intarsia wasn't too bad, nor was the extra embroidering of features. The worst and most time consuming part was the sewing in of loose threads. Or more to the point, sewing them in neatly with such a limited working surface! All these threads (and more) to sew into one little mitten:

I have another handmade beautiful thing to show you today. This lovely little dolly made especially for Heather for me to pop in the christmas stocking:

Oh how I would love to be able to sew as well as this. But I can't. And so special thanks go to Pippa for creating this little doll just for us. Heather has already had a sneak peek and just didn't want to let go so I'm sure dolly will be much loved. Thank you Pippa.

Now I think I should go and finish sewing up that second mitten before little one opens her eyes. And maybe even start on the hat to match.
Happy crafting all.


shell said...

Wow, go girl, your on a roll.

Joxy said...

Blimey go you!

Pippa said...

Those mitts are fantastic!! The Thomas one is just brilliant, really clear picture and looks so warm! You are very talented!

Had a shock when I saw the dolly. When I wave goodbye to them, I never expect to see them again, so it was a nice shock!

Karen said...

Well done, those Thomas Mitts are gorgeous!! You're very patient to do them!! When you said you knit the top mitts on two needles, do you mean without dpns aswell? I've not got to grips with circular or dpns yet and didn't think I'd be able to do mitts for that reason.