Saturday, 21 July 2012


Well every three months isn't very regular is it?
The problem is that I can either craft....or write about craft. I don't seem to have the time or energy for both. And it's not just here, the other blog is fairly neglected to, although I am trying to make an effort over there. 
So why the lack of posts? Well I'm just so tired lately. Nine o'clock is about my regular bedtime, or earlier as often as I can manage it. Dear me, I feel old. 
There has been a little making going on though. I have some things to show. But really today I wanted to share a special something :)
A couple of weeks ago we were celebrating a third birthday. Yep, Heather is that old already. Doesn't it just fly? She had a lovely day and her most favourite gift was a handknitted friend:

Isn't she lovely?
She goes to bed every night with Heather, we can't possibly forget. And then back down every morning when attention becomes a little more hit and miss. Sometimes she joins us for breakfast, lunch, shopping trips, playtime, and so on. Other times she slides into the sofa cushions and stays there ignored all day long. Until the cry goes up at bedtime....."where's rabbit...?"
I can't take any credit for this much loved little friend though. The work was all Helen's. Pretty wonderful don't you think? Definitely her mama's daughter when it comes to hobbies, and ideas, and non commercialism too. Well you know, I fib a little. The whole work wasn't strictly Helen's. The knitting was, the stuffing and make up too, and the features. She presented the lovely gift wrapped naked bunny to Heather for her birthday where she was instantly loved, but a couple of days later Heather decided she needed clothes. And so I had to create the little dress. Helen might be becoming a dab hand at knitting but she still has no interest in the sewing machine. An unfortunate incident in school resulting in sore bleeding fingers has put her off this particular craft.
Still, she's a lovely rabbit, don't you agree?

Now to drop a few hints about another little person and how they might like a big sister handknitted friend...........



Dawn said...

Lovely to see you again and your crafts, wow 3 already! Cannot believe it.

Hope you are doing well, looking after yourself and blooming ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aw, that's a lovely bunny! And....has it really been three months? Surely not!