Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Yarn along

Keeping the yarn flowing and joining in with Ginny after a long break.

After the knitty makes of the past week a return to the hook after many month of them being hidden away - well apart from the constant that is the Granny stripe blanket (now in hibernation).

Working away on this cardigan from the book weekend crochet for babies using yarn from stash. It's a bit of a detour from my usual hooky skills (or lack of), I'm pretty much sorted with basic stitches but this cardi uses a bobble pattern with a stitch called htr3tog which means making one stitch from 7 hoops for every other row. And seeing as my crochet is worked very similarly to knitting as I still can't get the hang of tensioning the thread in my left hand, this means an awful lot of stopping and pulling the hook through the loops individually. It's coming along though and I'm envisioning a finish by this time next week. Who said crochet was faster than knitting then??
Reading at the moment, Breastfeeding special care babies. Support is offered to mums right cross the newborn services so I spend a proportion of my time in the hospital in the SCBU as well as the delivery suite, the postnatal and of course the community. Knowledge is fairly basic around special care babies and breastfeeding and refreshing this knowledge is always a good idea. And it's of genuine interest too so not just a "work" read.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to this week :)



Sarah said...

Ooh the yarn you are using looks gorgeous...can't wait to see it finished :)

Conservative Knit Mom said...

I am eager to hear your thoughts on your reading once it is completed--it sure does look interesting~ WOW your sweater is looks like is off to great start! I sure wish I could crochet. I love Granny Stripe blankets!

Making It Vintage said...

I still crochet the same way as I knit.........with the yarn in my right hand, can't do it the other way and given up trying, it seems to work for me anyway. I love the pretty crochet pattern.

Swanski said...

I admire you with the bobble knitting, that takes so much time! lovely cardigan :)

Cheryl said...

I've done the bobble knitting, but my crocheting is extremely basic. Looking forward to seeing the cardigan finished in all its bobbly glory!

Devon Mama said...

Oh Becks that cardie is lovely, can't wait to see yours :) And what a great book, looks really interesting, your job must be pretty rewarding xx

Mistea said...

Gorgeous work - nice to see some challenging crochet here.
Crochet is about finding a relaxing rhythm.