Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sew long.

It's been so long since I last posted, well over a week. And I really don't have much to share. A few rounds of a sock - hmm, you don't really want to see that do you? I have just been so busy and tired lately, hardly any time to craft. Although there has been one special thing I have been working on, a craft I don't pick up too often but one I really enjoy. The past week or so I have been using needle and thread to stitch away on a a little gift for a new baby away across the ocean. A very time consuming gift and something that seemed to take forever to grow. But grow it has and it's almost ready to send away to it's new home. Well it would be..........except that when it was being admired by a certain person who shall remain nameless, it managed to acquire an extra bit of colouring that really has become a nuisance to remove. I won't bother to point out where the mark is, it's very, VERY, noticeable, but if anyone has any idea how to remove a chocolate fingerprint form Aida then please share as soon as you can!

So what do you think? Aside from the huge grotty blemish of course? Eeyore is just such a cute character, so much more huggable than the rest of Pooh's friends don't you think? I hope the parents of the new little one think so too.
I have a few more projects to share but as one is a gift for a mama swap, and the other is not strictly my crafting, I'll save them for another time. You know, I think I'll start to think about Christmas gifts, it's not so long now. The last of the little ones birthdays was today (Cain is now no longer the youngest, now that he is five and the same age once again as his niece Sophie and their shared friends), and with only a couple of big peoples birthdays to go before Christmas I might actually get ahead of myself for a change. Are you ready to start Christmas crafting yet?
Happy crafting everyone.



Making It Vintage said...

The cross stitch gift is beautiful Becks, there must be some way to remove the chocolate stain, maybe some magic chocolate removing pen they sell in the laundry aisle, failing that perhaps you could hide it with a little cross stitch star or a pretty embellishment (button).........good luck with that.

It's about time I started making my list and checking it twice, lol......thanks for the timely reminder.

lily x

Sarah said...

Aw, that is really cute! What a lovely gift :)
I have no idea how to get rid of the chocolate....I'd agree with hiding it with an embellishment or some sort of border though :)

Shell said...

Looks great, although not sure on chocolate removal!