Saturday, 10 April 2010

Stashbusting - part two.

So I made the hat to match the sweater:

Sorry for the poor photo quality but I just thought this was the most beautiful picture of our little girl, I just had to share.
Again this was hashed up as I went along so no pattern. The leading edge is 8 rows of garter stitch and the rest is plain old stocking stitch, again chosen to show off the colour changes. The decrease was worked with the SL1, K1, PSSO spiral and dropped 6sts on each row I think. I love that little spiral effect on the crown and it looks great on little peoples hats don't you think?
There's about half of one ball left now and a few oddments so I have an idea for them already in mind. Hopefully there will be just enough wool to follow it through. We should all know by tomorrow ;-)


Dawn said...

Beautiful baby and hat :-) x
I love the spiral finishes on hats for little ones too - all adds to the cuteness.

Joxy said...

Gah, try again to post.

Beautiful photo :-)

lilac73 said...

Beautiful photo of a gorgeous girl, like the hat too

Pippa said...

That's a gorgeous photograph, she's beautiful! I love both the hat and the sweater, really pretty!

lucy said...

thats such a beautiful photo :) and a lovely hat x


Laura said...

Lovely hat, beautiful baby - can't wait to see the next stash-busting project!