Monday, 9 January 2012

Dropping quickly by.....

I bet you've all forgotten me, haven't you? It's been such a long time!
Sorry I haven't been around much, in the run up to Christmas I had so much making to do that I had to choose between posting about it, or actually doing it, and of course the doing it had to win ;)
And then since Christmas I haven't been very well and have spent a lot of time just getting by day to day, and all spare time (after family and work have taken up such a huge chunk)  has been spent resting, sleeping and generally feeling totally lacking in any motivation whatsoever. Not a tot of knitting or crochet or any form of crafting has been tried. Trying hard now to find some motivation - and the ability to stay awake or even upright! - and maybe pick up the hooks or needles again.
So hopefully give it a few more days and I might finally have something to share.
But what motivated me to post today you might ask?
Well, I opened my stash cupboards (note the multiple?) and realised I had so many new yarns I had been so excited about just before Christmas, and so looking forward to using for actual planned and exciting makes, and so I thought I would go over and update my stash on Ravelry. And whilst over there I noticed I had 55 yarns in my stash, then doing a little adding up with the boys we worked out that I had over 200 individual skeins of yarn!!!!!! And that was without adding in the part used/unbanded/not particularly nice but might be useful yarns that haven't made it to the Stash page yet.
Hmm, a tad excessive do you think?
So if you want to see them in all their glory then pop over to my Rav page. There's some wonderful yarns there I can tell you :)
So yep, thats hopefully going to be the motivation that kicks me into gear......soon......after a good nights sleep.....and maybe another day of rest......

PS - The man was so concerned that he offered to cheer me up by driving me to my favourite yarn shop at the weekend. I turned him down. And that was BEFORE I realised the extent of the stash............. So yes, I need a good shake up......Although it's doing great for the old savings account :)